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12 inch Uni Deck

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12-inch Uni-Deck
12-inch Uni-Deck
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Not Available with the SheerGrain Finish.
  • 12” wide vinyl deck plank, resulting in both faster installations and cost savings in material and labor
  • Patented one-piece construction with slip resistant surface is easier and quicker to install than two-piece systems
  • Offered in “residential” and “textured” (softer, more foot-friendly) surfaces
  • Fastening screws are hidden  
  • Boards are available in a 12” width, and lengths of 12’, 16’ and 20’
  • Boards are offered punched for water drainage and non-punched 
  • All finishing components necessary for any job are available 
  • Virtually maintenance-free  
  • Colors: White, Beige, Gray and Clay