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6-inch SheerGrain Decking
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Decking Accessories

The last deck you’ll ever put down!
SheerGrain Decking is the most revolutionary product on the market.  We have combined a remarkable wood-like appearance with unparalleled weatherability.  SheerGrain Decking rivals the appearance of a freshly stained wood deck without all the future upkeep.
SheerGrain Decking is virtually maintenance-free, and its one-piece tongue and groove design makes it perhaps the easiest deckboard to install.  By simply using one screw per joist, the deckboards are easily installed.  Unlike wood and many composite deck systems, our fasteners are hidden.  This gives your deck an exceptionally clean appearance, while protecting you from protruding fasteners. SheerGrain® Decking is a low maintenance product that needs only an occasional cleaning with a water hose.  You can choose between punched and non-punched decking depending on your use.  Punched decking allows water to flow through for easy drainage.  Non-punched decking helps keep the area below decks dry, and with proper sloping will channel water away from your house.

The patented one-piece design of SheerGrain Decking allows you to easily rip boards down to any size width.  The 1 5/8” boards are perfect for replacing old wood deckboards.

SheerGrain Decking contains no wood and will not rot, absorb moisture, stain or fade like most composites. SheerGrain Decking is half the weight of many composites, and yet is code-approved up to 24” joist spacing.

Worried about safety and the environment?  SheerGrain Decking contains no harmful heavy metals, making it both environmental and kid-friendly.  It has a slip-resistant and non-splintering surface that is comfortable to walk on barefoot. Our decking meets UL-94 flammability testing. SheerGrain Decking is a tree-free product!

SheerGrain Decking is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, is code-approved and listed with the ICC-ES.