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Railing SheerlineRailing Systems Sheerline ®
PVC Railing Systems designed to complement all styles of single and multi-family housing.
Custom PVC Extrusions
In-house engineering capabilities to move custom requirements from concept into production. 
Window & Door Systems Sheerframe
Our PVC windows and doors are designed to enhance the comfort and lifestyle of any home or commercial property.
Decking systems for your needs –whether to add lasting beauty, create a low maintenance marine application, or cover and protect an existing structure.
Screen Clad Sheerline
Screen Clad is a simple way to beautify and protect your screened porch inside and out. 
Fencing Sheerline
The perfect solution for many fence applications.  Timeless appeal of traditional fencing, combined with lasting beauty and durability.
Posts & Column Clad
PVC Post, Columns and Screen Clad are a simple way to add beauty to your outdoor living spaces.
Sweers Home Products
We make it easy to protect your home from rain and debris.
Industrial Matting
The perfect solution for employee comfort and safety. Our matting is made of heavy-grade vinyl and designed with an open grid to allow water and debris drainage, while reducing fatigue. 
  • Anti-Fatigue Comfort & Safety Matting