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3250 Series Railing

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Sheerline® 3250 Railing Series
3250 Series Railing 3250 Top Rail 3250 Bottom Rail
3250 Series Railing 3250 Top Rail
All of Sheerline’s Railing is sold in boxed kits, with one part number. Ordering couldn’t be simpler.
Timeless Beauty  
The design of the 3250 Series Railing reflects the elegance and detail of handcrafted wood railings from yesteryear.  The depth and shadow lines of the 3250 top rail offer a unique look, while the 1 ¾” fluted picket adds stunning and complimentary detail. 
  • The 3250 Railing is available in 4’, 6’, 8’, and 10’ sections that can be tailored easily on-site to fit almost any application.
  • No system can be installed faster, and with greater flexibility.
  • Four distinct picket options are offered to compliment any style of architecture – 1.5 in Square picket, 1.5 in Colonial picket, 2 in Colonial picket, and a 1.75 in Fluted picket.
  • Designed to standard building code heights of 36” and 42”.
  • Available in white, beige, gray and clay.