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Secondary Handrail System

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Our 1.5” round vinyl secondary handrail system is ideal for use with our 3250, 4500 and 3000 Series Railing Systems.  The secondary handrail system may be attached to existing posts or as a stand-alone system, and can be customized for a home’s exterior.

The aluminum reinforced secondary rail offers builders a simple and safe option anytime where required by code.  The handrail system easily installs with any of our Sheerline® Railing Systems to create a continuous handrail.  The 8-foot rail may be cut to length and is available in white.  The handrail system is available in a boxed kit, which includes material and hardware for an 8-foot section.  Additional parts such as elbows and returns are also available.
Aluminum Universal Connector Aluminum Straight Connector Aluminum Post Return
  SHR-031 Aluminum Universal Connector
 90°- 180°
  SHR-022 Aluminum Straight Connector

  SHR-025 90° Aluminum Post Return

3” Mounting Bracket 6” Corner Mounting Bracket 5° , 32°
  SHR-008 3” Mounting Bracket
  SHR-010 6” Corner Mounting Bracket
  SHR-029   5° 
SHR-024   32°
SHR-023  90° SHR-027  “P” Loop Return SHR-021 Round Handrail with Aluminum Insert
  SHR-023    90°   SHR-027   “P” Loop Return   SHR-021 Round Handrail with Aluminum Insert
SHR-026  End Caps
  SHR-026 End Caps