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Solid Gutter Cover

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The Sheerflow® Solid Gutter Cover is designed to keep your gutter and downspouts clear of debris, minimizing clogs and reducing the time and money spent on your roof.  The gutter cover enhances the beauty of your home by providing a sleek look to the roofline.  The hydrodynamicdesign employs the scientific principle of water tension.  Water travels down and around the smooth contour of the gutter cover, flowing easily into the gutter, while debris is directed off the gutter cover and the roof.
Made of rigid, durable and low maintenance vinyl, the Sheerflow® Solid Gutter Cover helps maximize gutter performance through all seasons. The innovative design features thicker walls compared to competitive products, strengthening the gutter cover to sustain the elements long-term.  The gutter cover also helps prevent snow and ice buildup in gutters that may cause leaks and damage to the home.
The Sheerflow® Solid Gutter Cover is a snap to install and requires no fasteners.  Gutter covers are available in 48-inch sections that are simple to cut, and easily adapt to most gutter sizes.  Gutter covers are available in Sheerflow White.
To install the Sheerflow® Solid Gutter Cover simply mark and cut a notch in the front edge at each gutter support.  Then slide the gutter cover under the shingle and snap into place under the lip of the gutter.